Convert Social Media actions to Big Business in sport world

Convert Social Media actions to Big Business in sport world

Pls read Manchester United annual report

We absolutely agree with vision in this document, especially with excerpts about the attitude to social networks.

For examples:

Digital media
Due to the power of our brand and the quality of our content, we have formed mobile telecom partnerships in numerous countries. Our website,, is published in 7 languages and over the twelve months ended 30 June 2014 attracted an average of approximately 47.0 million
page views per month. We use our website, which incorporates e-commerce and video subscription services, to communicate with our followers, promote the
Manchester United brand and provide a platform for our sponsors to reach our global audience. Our Facebook page currently has over 58.0 million
connections and is one of the most highly followed and user engaged brand pages. The following graph shows the growth in the number of Facebook
connections since July 2010 (in millions).

ManU social media statistics (simple version)

Social media.

With 659 million followers worldwide, we believe there is a significant opportunity to leverage the capabilities of social media platforms to augment our relationships with our followers around the world. By establishing an official presence on these platforms, we believe we will be able to deepen the connections with our follower base and improve our ability to market and sell products and services to our followers.

We currently have over 55.0 million connections on our Facebook page. We use Facebook as a means to communicate news and other updates, engage with our followers, identify active followers, 46 solicit feedback from our users, tailor future digital media offerings and enhance the overall follower experience. While there is no guarantee that our Facebook connections will continue to grow at comparable rates in the future, we believe Facebook will provide an increasing source of traffic to our club branded digital media services and e-commerce properties, which will enhance our ability to convert them into customers through international memberships, video on demand subscriptions and e-commerce.

Beyond Facebook, we intend to expand our reach through different social media platforms by launching additional Manchester United branded presences on global platforms as well as regional and language-specific platforms. For example, in China, this may include microblogs such as QQ and Sina Weibo, video sharing platforms such as Youku and Tudou, as well as social networking websites such as QQ and RenRen. We believe this expansion will enable us to broaden the reach of our brand and the content we produce as well as enhance our engagement with followers in many of our key international and emerging markets.

Customer relationship management.

One of our ongoing strategic objectives is to further develop our understanding of and deepen the relationships with our followers. We operate a CRM database in order to better understand the size, location, demographics and characteristics of our follower base on an aggregated basis. Our CRM database enables us to more effectively target our product and service offerings such as digital subscription services, merchandise and tickets. A deep understanding of our follower base is also valuable to sponsors and media partners who seek to access specific customer categories with targeted and relevant advertising.

And is an excellent position and arguments. we were guided by the same vision about when inventing (special tool for convert social media actions to e-commerce ecosystem).

John Maeda: Overheard Prof Hermann at #RISD, As soon as you make something, conversation can happen. Summary: Don't wait -- make. +7 916 5405879

John Maeda: Overheard Prof Hermann at #RISD, As soon as you make something, conversation can happen. Summary: Don't wait -- make. +7 916 5405879