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  • Eugene Lisovskiy

    Eugene Lisovskiy

    Co-Founder @ LevelUpBasket.com 🏀 (seed 🚀), ex-CEO @ MAPS.ME (150M users 🌎), ex-CMO @ LITRES.ru (25M users 📚)

  • Empire Global

    Empire Global

    Global Professional Consultancy Services Firm providing an array of specialized services to clients from all around the world. https://empireglobal.partners/

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Анна Овечкина

    Анна Овечкина

  • Ольга Панченко

    Ольга Панченко

  • Brad Dunn

    Brad Dunn

    Product Management Executive 🖥 Writer 📚 Tea nerd 🍵 Machine Learning Enthusiast 🤖

  • Daniel Shaposhnikov

    Daniel Shaposhnikov

    Daniel is a Partner in Phystech Ventures. Hydrogen fuel cells pioneer in Eastern Europe. Venture capital professional focused on DeepTech, Robotics, Quantum, AI

  • Megan Duncan

    Megan Duncan

    28 | UF Graduate Certificate

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